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Tambuzi Safaris is proud to make funds available to the Non Profit company Vacation for Conservation - Rewilding and Community Program. Every safari booked with Tambuzi Safaris contributes towards Vacation for Conservation.

The reintroduction of species back into their natural habitat or the preffered term "rewilding" is the deliberate release of species into the wild, from captivity or other areas where the species are capable of survival.

The goal of species rewilding is to establish a healthy, genetically diverse, self-sustaining population to an area where it has been extirpated, or to augment an existing population.

Species that may be eligible for reintroduction are typically threatened or endangered in the wild. Rewilding may involve returning native species to localities where they had been extirpated.

Humans have been reintroducing species for food and pest control for thousands of years. However, the practice of Rewilding for conservation is much younger but essential. 

Our recent targeted area, Vygeboom Nature Reserve is currently comprising of 7 000 hectares of pristine wilderness in the Gravelotte area adjacent the Kruger National Park.  It is a partnership between 5 private individuals and the landlord is the local Balepye Community.  

Our vision is to create a Big Five Reserve which will ultimately span some 30 000 hectares by including our neighbouring farms already owned by the community.

Currently we are referring to this project as the Vygeboom Nature Reserve but this will be renamed and called  The Greater Balepye Nature Reserve in due course.

VFC is proud to be involved in 9 community pre-primary schools. Developing and helping these schools grow is our priority.  With the help of other Non profit organisations, development and educational programs together with your donations enable us in growing the youth into self respected youngsters that will have the knowledge to preserve and protect our heritage for future generations.

Conservation Education is the process of influencing people's attitudes, emotions, knowledge, and behaviors about wildlife and wild places. This is done through the efforts of skilled educators, volunteers and interpreters, who use a variety of techniques, methods, and assessments to reconnect people with the natural world.

Building our local communities and the youth is critically important to grow awareness to protect our Wildlife Areas. 

Contact us today to find out about our projects and how you can help us build a better future. Help us make this a reality!

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